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Why Serena Williams Is The Definition Of #BlackGirlMagic

In their own words, a few notable black women share why they'll always be Serena Williams' biggest fans.

When her New York Magazine cover came out, I'd never seen that magazine shared by so many women. They aren't tennis fans, but they love what Serena represents: Black woman excellence. And [she's a] dark-skinned black woman, which we don't get to see so often. She helps other black women be more comfortable with their bodies. It's an important moment.

We put on so much every day as black women, but she's carefree! She's like, "No, I get up, I have fun, I kill it, I go hang out with my boo ..." That's great to see that life doesn't always have to be "Woe is me." We know the racial undertones of the way people critique her. At least, from the outside looking in, it doesn't appear to have a strong effect on her or make her hide her personality. That's what greatness is.

When her name is trending, it's because of what she does. So many people trend because of controversy. We're talking about her because she's dominating. She's doing her job and being respected for it.


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