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FOX 5 NEW YORK | Netflix 'Love is Blind' Reunion

Brande Victorian discusses Netflix's Live event crash with Fox New York WNWY.

Netflix is in major damage control mode. this after the highly promoted livestream of the love is blind reunion actually didn't end up being live at all size. christine russo takes a closer look at what went wrong and how netflix is trying to patch things up for the future. we are sitting here. apparently, y'all everybody broke the internet to see this reunion. so we are ready to roll. we just got to figure this out. love is blind. live reunion crashed before it was supposed to air last night reunion for love is blind was supposed to be streamed live at eight p.m. it is now eight or nine viewers of the highly anticipated live event were met with this spinning wheel of doom, otherwise known as the still downloading sign uniting the internet in a collective meltdown.

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