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Beautifully Brown|Brande Victorian, Managing Editor,

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

A snippet from my profile by Melanie Yvette on

I’m Brande Victorian from Toledo, Ohio and I’m 31 years old. I’ve been in New York City for 9 years now. Toledo is a small city, and a lot of people don’t leave. It’s very much the get married, get a good job type of place. I remember telling people I wanted to move to New York, and people were looking at me like, “Huh?” [Laughs]

I went to school in Cincinnati at the University of Cincinnati, where I studied Journalism and came here right after I graduated.

The day I moved out of my apartment in Cincinnati, I got a call for an interview for a job here. I broke down crying. You know how when you graduate everyone is asking you what are you doing after school and you don’t know so you feel like a loser? Yeah.

My sister took the bus with me for 16 hours to do that interview in New York City because I had no money. They asked me if I could come back the next week and I was like, “Um…no, actually I’m here for two days”. So they had me come back the next day to do the edit test, and they hired me. A couple of weeks later they gave me the offer and I moved here in September of 2007.

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